(23340230) NXe (SP2) 2 Pod Harness - Digital Camo

NXe (SP2) 2 Pod Harness - Digital Camo

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NXe Paintball's recreational 2-pod harness with S2 technology. The recreational paintball harness, or "SP" Series harnesses are the perfect Paks for the every day player, or a low-profile way to carry extra paintballs. This harness is equipped with a paintball pod ejection system, which allows the pod to eject easily from the harness but without flying uncontrollably to the ground.


  • 2-pod harness
  • Built-in pod ejection system
  • Adjustable belt strap
  • Ideal for the beginning player
  • Does not include pods

COLOR GUY SAYS: So, you want digital camouflage, huh? Gonna tear up the forest with your NXe SP2 2 Pod Harness in some advanced camo? Wellàkeep in mind that the camouflaged harnesses may look the coolest, but it's still the skill of the player that makes all the difference.Your digi camo harness may go with everything, but it just makes it sting all the more when the little punk with the flame orange Harnesses wings you right when you're feeling all proud of yourself.

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