(23340108) Tippmann (SP41) 4+1 Pod Harness - Digital Woodland Camo

Tippmann (SP41) 4+1 Pod Harness - Digital Woodland Camo

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Used to be the NXe SP41 Harness

Tippmann's 4+1 harness was designed with function at the forefront. The majority of 4+1 paintball harnesses on the market use a PP webbed belt with a simple, single buckle at the front. While this is fine for a recreational 2 or 3-pod pack like our SP2 and SP3 series packs, this belt does not make sense for use on a 4+1 paintball pack, which carries the same or even more weight than a tournament harness!

Our solution? Use a high-end elastic belt.

The SP41 features a high-end body wrap belt, and is constructed of durable polyester.


  • Body wrap design wraps your body for maximum fit and comfort
  • Hold four (4) paintball pods
  • Adjustable paintball air tank holder
  • Will accommodate most size paintball air tanks
  • Non-slip grip pad ensures minimal pack movement on your back

Hustle Paintball Note - This pack does not include pods.

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