(23342008) NXe (TH61) S-Type Tactical Vest - Woodland Camo - THIS ITEM IS DISCONTINUED AND NO LONGER AVAILABLE


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This item is out of stock and will never be back in stock. If you purchase this item we will remove it from your order and refund you the purchase price. The page is here for reference only.

The NXe Tactical Harness is the culmination of extensive thought and design of products in the Paintball industry. We took the elements that have made us a success in the tournament market, and applied them to the scenario market. We also added specialized features, based on our knowledge and experience in scenario games, big games, and woods ball. We developed a vest which is both accommodating to the varying needs of the scenario games player, and functional for the woods ball player.

The vest is designed for maximum adjustability and user comfort. Most notably and importantly, we have included the same four piece belt system that made our tournament packs the most popular pack in paintball, in the tactical vest. This means that even when the vest is loaded with 100 oz of water, 12 lbs of paint, and a large air tank, the weight is comfortably distributed between your waist and shoulders. A non slip rubber neoprene grip pad keeps the vest from slipping in addition to providing lumbar support for the user. Adjustable ventilated shoulder straps allow the vest to be adjusted to fit most users. The front sections are connected by three adjustable buckles straps, completing the range of adjustability provided by the vest.

We developed specialized features for the use of the remote line system; these include securing straps on the rear of the vest to keep your remote line closely tethered to the vest, preventing it from being snagged on brush or trees. These straps are located on either side of the vest, allowing for use by both the right and left handed player. To house your air tank we added a large pouch with adjustable straps to secure your tank against the harness. This pouch will hold up to a 92 ci tank, though some 114 ci tanks will fit as well...

We added a large pocket to hold a water bladder, which has a PP webbing strap to hold the bladder upright and prevent collapse. On either side of the bladder pouch, elastic loops direct the water tube to the front of the vest, keeping if from hanging loose, or getting snagged on branches. Below all of the elastic loops on the vest are pp webbing loops which allow heavier objects such as a holster, or the pin of a grenade or smoke bomb to be attached to the vest. Larger elastic loops will also hold objects such as a flashlight. Nine pockets made of durable, pvc backed nylon on the front of the vest serve to hold mission papers, maps, tools, batteries, or whatever your mission may require.

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