(30210103) Ninja Paintball 35 cu 3000 psi Aluminum HPA Tank

Ninja Paintball 35 cu 3000 psi Aluminum HPA Tank

Price: $49.95

SKU: 30210103

Designed for younger and smaller players the 35 ci tank is the answer for those of us with short legs and arms. The shorter reach combined with the lighter weight means you play more games before getting tired and uncomfortable. The Ninja Paintball 35 ci 3000 psi aluminum HPA tank is a DOT approved aluminum tank mounted with one of Ninja's supreme Regulators. Every one of the regulators mounted is an ATSM compliant (Bonnet Thread/DOT Burst Disk/Restrictor, Bleed Hole, and Safety Groove) Regulator made right here in the U.S.A that has an SRT piston (Sonic Recharge Technology), MFV (Mini Fill Valve) and a SPA (Shim Pressure Adjustment). These bad boys are hand crafted, factory tested and have a super low response curve of 0-50psi from full to empty.


  • ASTM, DOT, and CGA Compliant
  • Fitted with an SRT Piston, SPA, and MFV
  • Low Response Curve of 0-50psi From Full to Empty
  • Hand Crafted and Factory Tested
  • Made in U.S.A

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