(30210101) Ninja Paintball 48 cu 3000 psi Aluminum HPA Tank

Ninja Paintball 48 cu 3000 psi Aluminum HPA Tank

Price: $49.95

SKU: 30210101

The Ninja Paintball 48ci/3000 PSI Aluminum HPA tank is a DOT approved aluminum tank mounted with one of Ninja's supreme Regulators. Every one of the regulators mounted is an ATSM compliant (Bonnet Thread/DOT Burst Disk/Restrictor, Bleed Hole, and Safety Groove) Regulator made right here in the U.S.A that has an SRT piston (Sonic Recharge Technology), MFV (Mini Fill Valve) and a SPA (Shim Pressure Adjustment). These bad boys are hand crafted, factory tested and have a super low response curve of 0-50psi from full to empty.


  • 48ci/3000 PSI Regulator Mounted Aluminum Tank
  • ASTM, DOT, and CGA Compliant
  • Fitted with an SRT Piston, SPA, and MFV
  • Low Response Curve of 0-50psi From Full to Empty
  • Hand Crafted and Factory Tested
  • Made in U.S.A
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    Number of Reviews: 2

    • 2013-06-18
    I liked these so much I bought 2 of them. Great product and what I hear on the field one of the best available. Great price too. Thanks Hustle

    • 2012-03-05
    very good tank if you are playing in games that are about 30 minutes or less because this tank can only hold enough air for 450-550 shots depending on the gun. although this gun cant hold a large amount of air and is considerably heavy (about 3 pounds), it is a very good starter tank and is only $50. If you are willing to spend a lot and are a pretty experienced player then you should try to get 4500 psi carbon fiber tank as it will last you much longer and is about 2 pounds lighter which is a lot when you are running around a lot.

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