(24100245) Pathogen 2 Mil-Sim Sniper Barrel - Autococker - 14 inch - THIS ITEM IS DISCONTINUED AND NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Pathogen 2 Mil-Sim Sniper Barrel - Autococker - 14 inch - THIS ITEM IS DISCONTINUED AND NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Pathogen 2 Mil-Sim Sniper Barrel:
Pathogen has just re-released the pathogen with new performance, a new look, and the same intensity as before" That's right, we are proud to introduce the Pathogen Second Gen. The Pathogen 2 has new spiral porting and a smooth bored tip for increased accuracy, as well as a super lightweight aluminum composite one piece build. It's virtually weightless compared to other competitors. Destroy The Competition...

Let's talk about the Pathogen 2 Mil-Sim Sniper Barrel. Spin is the enemy of every paintball that is fired from any paintball gun, as a perfectly spherical object like a paintball (when spinning) can be thrown off course if it hits any turbulence whatsoever. The Pathogen 2 Mil-Sim Sniper Barrel sells exclusively at Hustle Paintball"

This straight-rifled phenomenon eliminates any spin on the paintball, and the scavenger muzzle brake vents all excess pressure quickly and evenly, resulting in a sniper's dream. Consistent shots and kill after kill.

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    • 2012-09-18
    This barrel looks alright. It has a nice finish. I was concerned with the twisted porting causing the ball to curve, but it shot extremely accurate even though I was using the 12" tip. That was probably due to bore matching to the paint I was using. I noticed that looking into the front of the barrel with the back and front connected that they were not aligned very well. I'm assuming it didn't cause a problem because the tip has a bigger bore. What I did have a huge issue with is that this barrel has no self cleaning capabilities at all. After a ball break, every ball that came out after would spin off in some direction after 10 feet. And I'm not talking about just the first few. There is zero shoot through. I actually had to take the barrel off and run a rag on a string through it a bunch of times because a regular squeegee wouldn't do anything. Even then I ended up thoroughly washing the ports out with hot water. Looking at the barrel a little closer I noticed that the bore is not smooth at all. Most barrels are polished to a mirror like finish, but this one you can see a texture. The only thing I could think of to combat this was dumping rainx down it a bunch of times. Haven't gotten a chance to break a ball yet

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