(29160102_PROMO) Pathogen AR Kleen Goggle Cleaner - 2 oz

Pathogen AR Kleen Goggle Cleaner - 2 oz

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Fog is paintballs worst enemy, this has been known throughout the life of the game. Why waste your time with a product that smears the fog only so that it can accumulate back in a matter of seconds? That's right, JUST DON'T. Pathogen's line of AR Kleen Goggle cleaner not only cleans off debris, mud, smudges, fingerprints, but it gets rid of the fog, and prevents it from coming back! It's special formula leaves a thin coating of this cleaner on your lens even after you wipe it away. This cleaner actually increases the degree of anti-fog coating on your lens! Also you can use Pathogen Lens Cleaner anywhere not just on the field, reading glasses, sun glasses, camera's, even your computer screen!

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    Number of Reviews: 1

    • 2013-07-01
    I used it a few times, and it`s great Just apply it on a tissue or franel, and rubb it on your mask.

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