(29160201) Pathogen Goggle Cleaning Microfiber Cloth

Pathogen Goggle Cleaning Microfiber Cloth

Price: $4.99

SKU: 29160201

The one thing every paintball players wishes he had the moment he needs it, is a nice, clean micrifiber cloth to clean off his mask in the heat of battle. He's already used his jersey, his t-shirt, and the jersey the guy in front of him is wearing. So instead of sitting behind a bunker, wishing you had bought that Pathogen Microfiber Cloth so that you could see who's paintball's are wizzing by your head, pick one up that way next time that guy who gets you out EVERY SINGLE TIME, gets a paintball in the face!

Pathogen Microfibers are the one and only way to go! Other materials scratch or leave smears and residue on your lens, only Pathogen Microfiber Cloth's remove debris, prevent smearing, and leave a squeaky clean (and unscratched) lens. Unlike others, Pathogen Cloths are re-usable. Pop that sucker in the wash when you get home and its as good as new!

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