(10360604) Planet Eclipse Geo 2 Paintball Gun - Poison2 - THIS ITEM IS DISCONTINUED AND NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Planet Eclipse Geo 2 Paintball Gun - Poison2 - THIS ITEM IS DISCONTINUED AND NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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This item is out of stock and will never be back in stock. If you purchase this item we will remove it from your order and refund you the purchase price. The page is here for reference only.

The Planet Eclipse Geo2 in Poison2 is the ultimate Eclipse spool valve marker. With the arrival of upgrades such as the GR-2 Kit and more recently the GST kit, the Geo has developed and matured into a class act and has been picked up and used by an ever increasing number of players. In 2010 there was a near 50/50 split between Ego and Geo users on pro and semi-pro teams. In terms of ergonomics, features, and performance, the Geo2 will further define what is possible from the Geo platform.

Taking the knowledge acquired and the feedback gained since the launch of Geo, the Geo2 has been modified in virtually every area. From efficiency, to balance, to electronics and regulation, the Geo has been improved. The Geo2 excels in being able to shoot the most fragile paint possible.

A completely new propshaft assembly design introduces a spring-loaded drive core. This drive core prevents air loss during the firing stroke of the bolt and ensures the valve chamber is fully sealed prior during the return stroke of the bolt (prior to refilling). It results in better efficiency and faster recharge of the valve chamber. The new finned propshaft tip helps keep the propshaft and bolt in perfect rhythm at all times.

The SL3 inline regulator is more accurate, more consistent, and has a faster recharge than any previous Planet Eclipse regulators. On top of that, it will allow the Geo2 to operate with LP, MP or HP tanks with no fluctuation in performance or velocity. Geo2's will now shoot down to the last 200psi of tank pressure with next to zero loss in velocity.

The Shaft4 barrel has been developed specifically to improve efficiency and consistency. Also there are optional rear control bore sections which allow higer velocity, accuracy and a lower sound signature.

After the success of the GST kit for the Geo, the Geo2 receives the same treatment. The GST and the GST Geo2 bolt now work in conjunction with the new spring drive core to further reduce recoil and sound signature. This makes the Geo2 supremely smooth and quiet.

Geo2's all new circuit board has a 92% larger LCD screen with adjustable backlight color and a 16-bit, 16 MIPS PIC microprocessor. It also has Micro and Opto trigger sensing and a new GUI (Graphical User Interface). The optimized solenoid circuitry offers increased accuracy of dwell and ROF control.

Optional E-Portal kit lets you connect the Geo2 to a PC making it possible to: upload firmware, make splash screens, and remotely adjust parameters.

A wider trigger frame to regulator spacing allows an increase in the stance of the Geo2. This changes the basic feel of the marker and facilitates a higher rear hand placement.

Some of the dominant features such as the valve system, low dynamic seal count, cure bolt technology, deftek feed system, break beam sensor system, POPS ASA, clamping feedneck, toolless maintenance make teching this marker a breeze. The primary changes combined with the core Geo and Planet Eclipse values take the Geo2 to the next level. This makes the Geo2 one of the lightest, most efficient, most reliable spool valve markers for sale today.

  • Geo2 GST Style Bolt Assembly
  • Geo2 Propshaft with Spring Loaded Drive Core
  • SL3 Inline Regulator
  • E-Portal Compatible: Update Firmware, Splash Screens and User Settings
  • Shaft4 Barrel 14" 0.689 bore
  • 92% Larger Multicolored LCD Module
  • Ego10 Style Grip Frame and Grips
  • Extended Grip Pitch
  • Spool Valve Design
  • Low Reciprocating Mass: Bolt only weighs 17g
  • ISCIS (Innovative Solenoid Controlled Isolation System) Mechanism
  • SC (Spool Cure) Bolt: helps eliminate 2nd ball clipping in the feed stack
  • 6 Second Strip Down: To remove and separate all internal bolt components
  • Toolless Bolt removal – all internal bolt components removed without tools
  • BBSS (Break Beam Sensor System)
  • DefTek Offset Feed System
  • C-Lever Clamping Feedneck with Sprocket Wheel
  • Dual Selectable Trigger Switching – Opto and Micro Switches
  • Dual Trigger Return Mechanisms – Spring and Magnetic Return
  • Integrated Audible Beeper for alarms and actuations
  • Capped and Uncapped Ramp Modes
  • All Major Tournament Presets
  • 9 Preset Debounce Modes
  • 5 Point Adjustable Trigger
  • T-Rail Mounting System
  • POPS – On/Off/Purge ASA System

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