(15360106) Planet Eclipse Geo Bolt Upgrade Kit - IV Core

Planet Eclipse Geo Bolt Upgrade Kit - IV Core

Price: $169.95

SKU: 15360106


There have been few upgrades to a markers drivetrain that have yielded such significant performance improvements as the IV Core brought to the Geo platform in the GSL. The IV Core brought about not only a significant uplift in outright efficiency to the Geo, but also noted improvements in both feel and sound signature.

So overwhelmingly positive was the response to the implementation of the IV Cores new breech-sensing technology in GSL that the next logical step was to make its benefits available to a much wider audience than just the 750 fortunate GSL owners.


  • Adds as much as 300 additional shots per 68/4500 fill
  • Drop-in kit is compatible with all generations of Planet Eclipse GEOs - Geo 1, Geo+, Geo2, Geo2.1, Geo SL91, Geo3, and Geo3.1
  • Efficiency gains can vary with the different models of Geos, but there is ALWAYS a significant gain

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