(24360301) Planet Eclipse Shaft4 Barrel Tip - 16 inch - Black

Planet Eclipse Shaft4 Barrel Tip - 16 inch - Black

Price: $44.95

SKU: 24360301
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The Planet Eclipse Shaft4 Barrel Tip is 16" in length. It was developed specifically to improve efficiency, consistency and accuracy, and will give you higher velocities than previous Shaft barrels. Please note that anodizing varies from batch to batch, so your Shaft 4 Barrel may be a slighlty different shade than your marker (you have been warned).


  • Manufactured using the same high grade aluminum to the same exacting standards as all other Shaft barrels
  • Compatible with Ego LV1, Ego11, Geo3, Geo2, Etek4, Etha and Shaft4 barrels. Not Compatible with Shaft3 backs

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