(27220103) Proto Paintball Alpha Pod - Smoke

Proto Paintball Alpha Pod - Smoke

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New for 2010, the Proto Alpha Pod should be your first choice for hauling paint.

  • 150 Ball capacity.
  • No collar for solid construction.
  • Stylish ergonomic designed exterior for improved grip and function.
  • Locking tab for harness string makes sure your added pods stay locked and loaded.
  • Durable Polypropylene composition.

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    • 2012-09-24
    I absolutely love these pods. They fit great in my Critical stealth pack, and I am shocked by their durability. My 270 pound self was playing at a scenario game, when while walking backwards, I tripped into a ditch around a fort. I landed squarely on my pack, with 4 Alpha pods in it (two full of paint). When I got back to the staging area, I unloaded to inspect the damage - but there was none Not only did the pods survived completely intact, with no creases, cracks, or other damage, but I didn't have a single broken paintball in the two pods that were loaded up. A great product, and I don't think I'll be changing to anything else anytime soon

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