(32870201) Psiworx Pro-Connect III Complete Remote Coil

Psiworx Pro-Connect III Complete Remote Coil

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SKU: 32870201

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This item has been discontinued and replaced with the IDENTICAL Valken Pro-Connect. If you purchase this item, we will replace it with the Valken Pro-Connect.

The new Pro-Connect III features a slightly larger inlet to increase the flow rate for today's fully automatic markers. Solid steel construction for increased safety. A tactical black nickel finish for superior rust resistance. concealment in the woods, and ultra smooth operation. The tool-less design allows you to easily disassemble the Pro-Connect III should you ever damage an o-ring and need to replace it. The Pro-Connect III is by far the best quick disconnect solution offered in the paintball market.

  • Easy push button disconnect
  • connects under pressure
  • subdued black nickel finish
  • No tools needed to service
  • High flow rate
  • 3000 psi rated coiled hose
  • Black anodized C/A adapter with knurled edges for easy on and off
  • UFA features a tapered depressing pin to prevent valve blockage, a safety vent and a single o-ring serviceable design.

    Number of Ratings: 12
     4.7/5.0 Stars
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    Number of Reviews: 14

    • 2014-04-08
    if you want a remote coil, get this one please. Its the most simple remote EVER. its idiot proof.

    • 2014-01-15
    High quality remote line. CAME WITH A COVER

    • 2013-07-19
    I bought the proconnect 3 as the guerilla air one was out of stock. Was told that the pro-connect 3 had a larger bore size so would flow more air. WRONG The guerilla air quick dissconnect has a larger bore than the pro-connect 3. I have both and the guerilla air is much better. They both work fine on a DAM but I would not run either of them on an auto tippman though as they both cannot supply enough air. Use a slide check on a tippman.

    • 2013-06-22
    i watched video on pro-connect 3 remote coil. got it the other day i have to agree it is the best.

    • 2013-06-10
    This is by far the best remote line on the market. This is the eaisiest thing to use. Simply screw on your tank and snap the other end onto your marker. 10x better than the slide check

    • 2013-05-29
    Great remote line. I love the button disconnect. And also the ease of connecting it to whatever. Plus now i don't have to worry about my air not being on due to a slide check. I like it a lot. Thanks Hustlepaintball.

    • 2013-05-27
    Great remote line. Just like the guys said its the only line you should get. No leaks. Just remember to put some drops of oil before you run it.

    • 2013-05-16
    Over all i do like this remote line. havent put a ton of air through it yet but it is working like a champ. the only "issue" i have encountered is that if my air is low (below about 1k) the line leaks at the connection. havent gotten a chance to check the o rings yet to see if it is that or if it is just the way the line works, but there you have it.

    • 2013-05-04
    Greatest thing since sliced bread Makes the whole remote thing so much better. Get it...you wont be disappointed.

    • 2013-02-06
    I was going to buy a ninja remote line, but after watching the video by Hustle Paintball on remote lines I decided to go with the one they recommended. And I must say, best decision I have ever made. Heavy duty line, the quick connect is small plus you dont have to turn off your air to unplug it.

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