(32870201) Psiworx Pro-Connect III Complete Remote Coil

Psiworx Pro-Connect III Complete Remote Coil

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SKU: 32870201

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This item has been discontinued and replaced with the IDENTICAL Valken Pro-Connect. If you purchase this item, we will replace it with the Valken Pro-Connect.

The new Pro-Connect III features a slightly larger inlet to increase the flow rate for today's fully automatic markers. Solid steel construction for increased safety. A tactical black nickel finish for superior rust resistance. concealment in the woods, and ultra smooth operation. The tool-less design allows you to easily disassemble the Pro-Connect III should you ever damage an o-ring and need to replace it. The Pro-Connect III is by far the best quick disconnect solution offered in the paintball market.

  • Easy push button disconnect
  • connects under pressure
  • subdued black nickel finish
  • No tools needed to service
  • High flow rate
  • 3000 psi rated coiled hose
  • Black anodized C/A adapter with knurled edges for easy on and off
  • UFA features a tapered depressing pin to prevent valve blockage, a safety vent and a single o-ring serviceable design.

    Number of Ratings: 6
     4.7/5.0 Stars
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    Number of Reviews: 5

    • 2015-11-11
    This has been the best remote line I have ever used. I use Co2 and C02 seems to be very hard on o-rings in remote lines. I have tested 4 other name brands of remote lines and ALL of them have failed horribly. Some of them I could only get 3-4 uses and they were leaking to the point where I could not use them and one of them I could not even get one use. That one, the FIRST time I screwed the valve into the tank the seals in the piece that screws on to the tank blew out of it. I was not happy...lol. That is when Ethan recommended this remote line and like I said, I could not be happier with a remote line. The only thing with it is that you should order some extra O-rings for the piece that snaps on to your marker ( the Quick connect peace). Talk to the guys at Hustle and they will make sure you get the right o-ring. It will wear out overtime just for the simple fact that you're always connecting and disconnecting it. I can get about a whole season out of one o-ring (but that would depends on how much you're connecting and disconnecting the remote line from the marker) and I play a lot in a season. The O-rings in the part that connects to your tank have never failed me which was the biggest problem I was having with other remote lines. So, I give this remote line 5 out of 5 stars and I think you will be very happy with this remote line. Have fun and paint some faces

    • 2015-06-23
    Love this remote. Excellent quality, no leaks, no problems. Dont get any other.

    • 2014-04-08
    if you want a remote coil, get this one please. Its the most simple remote EVER. its idiot proof.

    • 2014-01-15
    High quality remote line. CAME WITH A COVER

    • 2013-07-19
    I bought the proconnect 3 as the guerilla air one was out of stock. Was told that the pro-connect 3 had a larger bore size so would flow more air. WRONG The guerilla air quick dissconnect has a larger bore than the pro-connect 3. I have both and the guerilla air is much better. They both work fine on a DAM but I would not run either of them on an auto tippman though as they both cannot supply enough air. Use a slide check on a tippman.

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