(32440101) Q Loader Reckless Airsock Bottle Cover - 68ci - 88ci

Q Loader Reckless Airsock Bottle Cover - 68ci - 88ci

Price: $15.50

SKU: 32440101
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The Reckless Airsock features a simple design for the players that dont like a bunch of extra un-needed material. It is the only bottle cover that uses a "draw string" system to hold it in place. No Velcro, zippers or raised rubber. The Airsock comes with a durable grip pattern in the rear for stability when shouldered as well as an elastic slot to hold a "straight shot" or barrel swab.

  • Constructed of High Quality Neoprene
  • Fits Everything From 68ci to 88ci
  • Draw String Tightening System
  • Durable Grip Patterning in the Rear for Stability
  • Elastic Slot for Barrel Swab or Straight Shot Squeegee

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