(16100502) RAP4 Box Magazine with Nautilus Drive - THIS ITEM IS DISCONTINUED AND NO LONGER AVAILABLE


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The Box Magazine with Nautilus Drive from RAP4 allows you to carry up to 250 rounds for your magazine fed marker. With this innovation, you can shoot your mag fed marker at any speed, and get a ball in the chamber for every single shot. No chopping, no missing a beat - just paint, exactly when you need it. The RAP4 Box Magazine holds 250 paintballs, the Nautilus Drive provides positive feeding, and is gentle enough to work with the most brittle paint. This balance is carefully achieved, using a patent-pending design. Easy to clean, easy to swap in and out, the Box Magazine with Nautilus Drive is your perfect solution for bulk paint feeding. This magazine is compatible with all Tacmark, MILSIG and K-Series markers as well as all the Tacamo Magazine Conversion Kits.

  • 250 round capacity
  • Fast consistent loading for rapid firing modes
  • Dual side reloading
  • High speed loading with Nautilus Drive
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • 1 year warranty

    Number of Ratings: 3
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    Number of Reviews: 3

    • 2012-08-18
    I picked this up for my converted Project Salvo. i think the ammo box and its 250 rounds is almost perfect. I do occasionally get a few glitches with jams but the way this thing feeds and the air velocity. your jams arnt an issue because another ball will take its place in less than a second. My PROJECT SALVO set up 1.Tacamo Conversion Kit 2. Rap 4 ammo box 3. G36 Handle with internal red dot sight 4. Grip with Bipod 5. Spare 20 rd. Mag. 6.78ci 4500 psi tank 7. Tacamo Remote coil 8.Dushka Barrel Adapter( aint afraid to go loud) 9. 14" rifled barrel 10. BT-4 Electronic Trigger Above all else if your a begginer or an experienced player just looking to spice things up or wanting to get into tacticle Mil-Sim. The ammo box does offer a complete advantage over magazines. Until Rap4 decides it can mass produce thd "D" Mags 6 magazines will run you what it costs for this bad boy. And hustle paintball has it at its cheapest.

    • 2012-05-31
    I run an Alpha Black Tacamo Mag fed kit and was looking to run the box mag for long game type situations. I have x6 (20 round mags) that I play with also. I was impressed that the boxmag was able to keep up with my Ape Board (22 rps) with fang trigger and no paint breaks. If you are interested take some time to see it in action on my YouTube channel...search for syclops7

    • 2012-04-10
    I did experience some chops at the beginning but adjusted the velocity and it worked great, looks great and and has a good weight

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