(21000401) Renegade 6 lb Analog CO2 Fill Scale

Renegade 6 lb Analog CO2 Fill Scale

Price: $14.99

SKU: 21000401

You'll see this item at paintball fields and pro shops nation wide. Chances are, if you and your paintball buddies play consistently on your own field, you'll have likely purchased a bulk CO2 tank to fill your paintball tanks. If not, you should think about it, Hustle Paintball can take care of that for you as well.

To correctly fill a CO2 paintball tank, you need to go through a mildly complex process of cooling, bleeding, refilling, etc. When you're finished, to correctly gauge how full the tank is, you need to weigh it. What better way than an inexpensive, simple gauge that is specifically designed to hold paintball tanks? This style of gauge has a light chain and hook to hold your tank. Simply hang up the Analog Fill Gauge on a handy tree limb, or your dumb buddy's earlobe, then hang the tank below it, and you're set.

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