(28290134) Sly Equipment Profit Paintball Mask - Woodland Camo

Sly Equipment Profit Paintball Mask - Woodland Camo

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The culmination of over 2 years of rigorous testing and development, SLY is proud to announce the debut of the PROFIT goggle system.

Featuring industry leading developments in goggle technology, the SLY PROFIT Goggle is truly in a class of its own; a true professional paintball goggle system.

  • NEW 3M-Engineered sealed thermal gasket system. This new impenetrable thermal seal offers the ultimate seal against moisture and paint seepage between lens layers.
  • Every SLY PROFIT Goggle System comes equipped from the factory with a thermal sealed, gradient lens, fading from a deep, rich smoke to crystal clear. This offers optimal shading from glare, UV, and infrared light at a distance, with crystal clear up close, downward vision for those tiny gun LCDs or your game timer.
  • Velvet lined, soft cell foam atop molded impact absorbent SBR foam earpieces for that soft-ear bounce with pillow-like comfort. These earpieces muffle your own screaming and allow for superb directional hearing.
  • Lenses and colors for every style and situation of play. Featuring gradient chromed lenses for those sunny days, with clear downward vision area for those pesky LCD screens and cell phones.
  • Molded TPR vents for optimum heat dissipation and sound penetration.
  • Clear lens available cloudy or rainy-day play (low-light conditions)
  • Amber lens available for ULTRA low-light conditions (indoor or night play)
  • Industry-first gradient mirrored lens, for those bright, eye squinting summer practices where you still need to see up close.
  • Available in a variety of colors and finishes

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    • 2012-07-29
    I own this mask, I was not sure about the price tag, and if I had noticed the vent cover on the top vent of the mask i would have been happy since day one. This is a great mask it works awsome you can see perfect, and it is about as easy to wear as any helmet. I have been playing paintball for 4 years and I have never used a mask that was as nice as this. However if you do breath alot through your mouth when you play might i reccomend removing the vent cover on the top of the mask or you will fog up somthing fierce. Otherwise it is the best mask you can get if your willing to spend the money. Eric

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