(16020101) Tacamo Paintball Hopper - 200 Round

Tacamo Paintball Hopper - 200 Round

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The ZAP Turbo Loader is the most innovative gravity fed paintball loader ever created.

This fast feeding hopper without the batteries saves you money!

This state of the art hopper can feed up to 12 Balls per second without the use of batteries! Standard hoppers feed 8 Balls per second and the other 12 BPS hoppers require expensive and hefty batteries. You'll experience that same fast 12bps rate without the batteries or the noise!

Archon Paintball has spent a lot of time developing this Revolutionary Hopper design. This holds a full 200 rounds of paint and feeds it fast without jamming or batteries. This new Bridge design will change the future of paintball hoppers. There are no moving parts to break, no batteries to buy, no motor to burn up, no electronics to go bad.

Try out this new hopper for yourself and you'll feel the difference.

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