(20100103) Tactical Adjustable M-4 Car Stock - Tippmann X7

Tactical Adjustable M-4 Car Stock - Tippmann X7

Price: $24.99

SKU: 20100103
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6 points of adjustability, from in your face close-range assault to a long-distance sniper setup. No matter how long or short you are, this stock is for you.

The Tactical Adjustable M-4 Stock is compatible with all Tippmann X7 markers. The stock has 6 adjustable positions which are easily changed with the squeeze of a lever. Unlike other stocks, this particular one is built from an extremely durable, military grade composite and will stand up to the rigors of the roughest player, while adding only a few ounces to your overall gun weight!

Installation couldn't be easier, takes about 2 minutes. If you need an ultralight setup for one game, you can even remove the stock in a flash!

Don't stop here, pick up a sling to easily carry your paintball gun around - this stock has a built in attachment to clip onto your marker's sling.


  • 6 Adjustable Points
  • Durable Framework
  • Military Grade Composite Construction - Extremely lightweight
  • Compatible with all Tippmann X7 paintball guns
  • Tabs For Sling

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