(12170603) Tadao Technologies Pulse Harness for Dye/Proto/Eclipse/MacDev/WDP

Tadao Technologies Pulse Harness for Dye/Proto/Eclipse/MacDev/WDP

Price: $15.00

SKU: 12170603

This wiring harness allows for easy plug-and-play installation of the Draxxus Pulse Loader's RF transmitter module. A special connector fits the RF transmitter module's pins and plugs into the solenoid circuitry without any soldering, making for a quick and painless setup. Prior to the availability of this accessory it was necessary to attach wires directly to the pins of the solenoid socket on any board, stock or aftermarket, which is tedious, time consuming, and of course could lead to permanent damage to the board. This item is the wiring harness only, and does not include the RF transmitter module, which must be purchased from Draxxus. This harness fits the following markers: Proto Matrix 05, 06, 07, Rail; Dye DM4, DM5, DM6, DM7; Ego 05, 06; Etek Ego; Mac Dev Cyborg 06, 07; Evil Minion. Please note: Stock Angel boards and 07 Ego boards modulate power driven to the solenoid, and will not give a consistent pulse to the RF transmitter module. For Angel owners we recommend the Angry Angel board from Angry Paintball. For 07 Ego owners we recommend modifying Tadao 06 Ego boards or Etek Ego boards, or waiting for the release of our 07 Ego board.

Installation is simple, consisting of 5 steps:

  • Unplug your solenoid harness from your board
  • Plug the transmitter harness into the solenoid socket
  • Plug your solenoid into the transmitter harness
  • Plug the RF transmitter module into the transmitter harness
  • Sync your Pulse Loader with the RF transmitter

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