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TechT Paintball Cyclone Feed Squishy Paddles

TechT Paintball Cyclone Feed Squishy Paddles

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TECHT Squishy Paddles- Play in Any Weather

It's been snowing all winter and you haven't had any time to play paintball. You finally get your chance and you are so psyched. The first minute into the first game and your Cyclone paddles have just created bright colored soup in your marker and down your barrel. Game over for you!

Paint breakage is very common in the winter. As paint is exposed to the elements it can shrink, expand, and the shell can become brittle and dimpled. All of that damage results in the increased chance of breakage in your feeder. We all know that once you break a ball in Cyclone feeder you need more paintball accessories to clean it up than a battle swab. What you need is a way to gently encourage your paint to travel down your feeder and out toward your target.

Now thanks to TECHT Squishy Paddles owners of the A5, X7 and Tippmann 98 paintball guns can add paintball accessories like TECHT squishy paddled to their Cyclone feeder. These Cyclone paddles are designed with soft plastic that gently guides the paint from your feeder to your barrel. They are the only paintball accessories you want that to be cuddly soft. Your winter damaged paint will reward you by breaking on your target and not in your feeder.

    The TechT Squishy Paddles Features:
  • Paddles designed to eliminate ball breakage due to cold temperatures, brittle paint and high feed rates
  • Will work with A5, X7, and 98
  • Softer rubber than used in the stock A5, X7, and 98 Cyclone paddles
  • Designed to increase the amount of paddle surface area that touches each ball
  • Paddle edges are rounded and molded, so that it's as gentle on the paintball as possible
  • A must have for anyone using the Cyclone loader!

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