(54230101) TechT Paintball DVD - Angel 101

TechT Paintball DVD - Angel 101

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SKU: 54230101

The Angel LCD is truly a legend in the sport. It is the marker that put Angel in the limelight. Their style and abilities were light years ahead of the competition in the late 90's and early 2000's. Since the LCD, WDP has made small performance enhancing changes to the Angel's design, however the core operating principals and design have stayed the same. While this video may be tailored toward the LCD, its ideas can be carried over to any of the Angel markers. If you own an newer Angel, and you watch this video, you have a solid foundation of knowledge to work on your Angel. Even though this video may not be made specifically for your particular model Angel, it will definitely give you the confidence and attention to detail you need in order to work on an Angel. This video may not be perfect for every Angel, but it will greatly help with your understand of how to work on an Angel regardless what model you own.

    What it Covers:
  • Complete Tear Down
  • Comprehensive Rebuild
  • Adjusting the Hammer, LPR, and Inline Reg for Max Performance
  • Common Problems and Easy Fixes

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