(54230107) TechT Paintball DVD - Ion 101

TechT Paintball DVD - Ion 101

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SKU: 54230107
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The Ion is truly an amazing paintball marker. It has every feature you could ask for in a paintball marker, yet is affordable enough for almost anyone. And while they perform just like the best markers, they also require the same type maintenance as high end markers. This video covers EVERYTHING you need to know in order to keep your Ion running at peek efficiency and performance. Are you clueless when it comes to your Ion? That's ok; this video is set up to help even the most technically challenged of people. All you need is some grease, and we'll get you up and running. You'll be a Ion Tech in no time.

    What it Covers:
  • Complete Tear Down and Rebuild
  • Inspecting, Cleaning and Servicing the Bolt
  • How, What, What Not, and How often to Grease
  • Servicing the Solenoid
  • Servicing the Regulator for Increased Accuracy
  • How to do your own Trigger Job
  • How to Adjust the Dwell and Rate of Fire
  • How to Adjust the Firing Modes

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