(12230401) TechT Paintball Fang Trigger System - Tippmann X7/A5 Hall Effect/2011 A5

TechT Paintball Fang Trigger System - Tippmann X7/A5 Hall Effect/2011 A5

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Designed for maximum performance, the TechT Fang Trigger for the X7 (non-Phenom), A5 Hall Effect E-Grip, and all 2011 A5's is a must for anyone looking to upgrade their marker. The Fang Trigger allows you to minimize trigger travel with two adjustment screws, and dual roller bearing design maximize your BPS like never before. It is the most durable, best feeling, and lets not forget BEST looking trigger you will find for the Tippmann. When trying to achieve the best trigger pull, it's important that you can control how much trigger tension there is. That's why we now package 3 spring of different strengths with all the Fang Triggers. They range in strength from Butter Soft for walking the trigger super fast, to extra firm for all those tough 1-finger type guys. The Fang Trigger includes all adjusting screws, springs, and double trigger guard.

The X-7/A5 Hall Effect Fang Trigger Features:

  • Dual Rolling Bearing
  • Multi-Pivot Adjustment
  • 100% Aluminum Construction
  • Pre-Pressed Magnet
  • Variable Strength Springs included
  • Fits X7 (non-Phenom), A5 Hall Effect, and all 2011 A5's

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    • 2012-09-12
    Amazing trigger but I had the same problem, the top set screw didn't stay put after repeated use, all I used was a little blue locktight and problem solved Get it, you'll never want to go back to your original trigger

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