(14230202) TechT Paintball Gun Drops Lube - Oil

TechT Paintball Gun Drops Lube - Oil

List Price: $13.99 Price: $12.99

SKU: 14230202

Introducing the newest addition to the TechT "High Performance Lubrication" line of products. Gun Drops Premium Lubricant is formulated to provide maximum protection and performance for your marker's internal moving parts. Designed to be "super slick" like the TechT Gun Sav Grease, Gun Drops Oil was specifically formulated for paintball players/markers that prefer a liquid state lubricant. The new (patent pending) dispensing dropper makes Gun Drops easy to use, cuts down on wasteful spills and over application, and prevents oil from leaking into your tool kit. Gun Drops surpasses all expectations of gun oil!

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