(14231001) TechT Paintball Hush Bolt - Empire Sniper

TechT Paintball Hush Bolt - Empire Sniper

Price: $44.99

SKU: 14231001

The TECHT Hush Bolt is designed to improve the overall efficiency and sound signature of the Empire Sniper Pump Marker. TECHT's Hush Bolt Series for the Empire Sniper Pump Marker utilizes our "Even-Flow" venturi face technology. This "Even-Flow" venture face along with our Sweeping Air Diversion Ramp allows the Hush Bolt to obtain optimal efficiency, while quieting the sound signature of the marker significantly.

The Hush Bolt achieves better efficiency by capturing and utilizing air that is otherwise wasted. The two rear most o-rings capture all of the air released and forces it through the bolt to fire the ball, and the front o-ring seals in the breach to ensure that the air cannot escape anywhere except down the barrel propelling the ball.

The Hush Bolt also features continuous cuts through to the face of the bolt to ensure less friction when making contact with the ball detents. It's truth, not marketing - Hush bolts make your gun batter!

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