(15231304) TechT Paintball MRT HE Bolt System - Crossover

TechT Paintball MRT HE Bolt System - Crossover

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Your Tippmann Crossover can now shoot with much less kick. BUTTERY SMOOTH.... We have again used the soft-touch face which will significantly decrease ball breakage. We minimized the weight of the Crossover bolt by using hardened aluminum instead of steel. The hardened aluminum outer body provides a harder smoother surface for the spring to ride on, this decreases spring wear on the bolt. The MRT HE Bolt also features a newly redesigned stem which delivers even better efficiency and consistency than it's predecessor. As with all of our products it carries a Full Lifetime Warranty.

The TECHT MRT HE Pro Series Crossover Bolt utilizes the stock spring. We saw increases of 25-30 FPS gain when changing out the stock bolt for the MRT HE Bolt. Our increase in efficiency is due to the combination of the soft-touch/high flow face, which helps seal off the barrel when fired, the tremendous change in weight, and our new bolt stem design. The sound signature is also greatly reduced when adding the MRT Bolt.

Our New MRT H.E. design utilizes two o-ring glands that act as sails on the interior of the bolt. These o-rings do not actually seal (therefore they will not need to be replaced). They do however maximize the transfer of air propelling the bolt forward and by doing so allow the MRT HE bolt to get even better efficiency than ever before. The exhaust port on the interior of the stem allows the bolt to cycle freely and quickly.

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    • 2014-04-08
    I have shot about 10 cases through my Crossover 4 with out the bolt and 6 with the MRT bolt. And the first thing that I noticed when I was using the new bolt was how smooth the shot was. The bolt has a noticable weight difference along with a reduced sound signature and boosting air efficiency there is no reason not to buy this product. If you put this in your gun you will not stop thanking yourself

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