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TechT Paintball Tippmann Cyclone Vortex Mod SS

TechT Paintball Tippmann Cyclone Vortex Mod SS

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The fastest and most reliable cyclone feed available... TechT's answer to the need for more durable parts that also offer higher performance! The result speaks for itself.


  • Helps the Cyclone loader work at lower pressures. TechT tested the A5 until it ran out of air. The loader continued to load balls all the way down to 100-150 PSI, when the gun stopped re-cocking. Results will vary a bit based on the condition of your cyclone's internal o-ring and how well it is lubricated, but rest assured it will feed at lower pressures.
  • Stock parts usually stop loading balls at about 350-400 lbs... Enough pressure to still shoot about 200fps, but you're forced to manually feed each ball. With the Vortex Mod, your Cyclone will keep you in the game longer.
  • If the parts help the loader work using less air, they also make the loader work faster, right? TechT tested a Tippmann 98 Pro-E w/ ACT (anti-chop technology) using a standard Halo, Empire Reloader B, Standard Cyclone, and a Cyclone feed with a Vortex Mod. After about 500 rounds with each hopper, the results were conclusive... The Vortex Mod came out way ahead of the rest!
  • Are you sick of buying replacement internals for your Cyclone Feed, and you want the most durable, efficient and fastest parts available? Well then, these little beauties are for you! These parts are made of anodized aluminum and come with a 1 year warranty through TechT.
  • Kit includes all pins and screws you will need. However, you will need the stock springs for the ratchet.

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