(14231502) TechT Paintball Tippmann Trigger Spring Kit

TechT Paintball Tippmann Trigger Spring Kit

Price: $2.99

SKU: 14231502

If you are looking for a soft buttery feeling trigger than look no further. Our springs will work on all Tippmanns and other markers that are just like Tippmanns, like BT's. Our spring kit offers three spring kits that can be used as replacement Trigger Springs or Sear Springs. You get one stronger than stock spring, one about the same as the stock trigger spring, and one much weaker than the stock spring. So as with all things TechT, you get to adjust the trigger to be the way you like it.

These are the same that come with all of our Fang Triggers. But if you dont have a Fang Trigger these will still work with your trigger. These will work with ANY Tippmann Trigger Frame Design.


  • High quality springs
  • Made in the USA
  • Works on all Tippmann markers
  • Makes any trigger much softer
  • Stiffest spring can be a sear spring in some cases

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