(20561601) Tiberius Arms Adjustable Laser Sight Kit

Tiberius Arms Adjustable Laser Sight Kit

Price: $29.99

SKU: 20561601

Tiberius Arms Adjustable Laser Sight Kit

This compact tactical sniper laser mounts to any Weaver/Picatinny rail to provide you with a brilliant precision laser beam to dance across your opponent's chest. Batteries are included, so you can have this on your gun and working in minutes. Use the laser only when you need it - mount the pressure pad anywhere on your gun and secure it with the included elastic strap. When you're sighting in, press the button and a brilliant beam will shoot out and help your sight in on your victim. If you don't have any Weaver/Picatinny rails on your paintball gun, check out our barrel mounted universal Weaver rails.


  • Brilliant red laser beam for precision accuracy
  • Great upgrade for Tippmanns, Spyder MR-Series or BT markers
  • Includes batteries
  • Super durable aluminum construction
  • Remote pressure pad on/off

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