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Tiberius Arms Basic O-Ring Kit (Service Kit) - Tac 8/T9

Tiberius Arms Basic O-Ring Kit (Service Kit) - Tac 8/T9

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You stealthily slither through the slick forest... in Somalia (say that sixteen times fast) with your Tac 8 Pistol. You smile to yourself, knowing that you are silent death, and you will be upon your opponents before they even feel the cold breath of...


You stop snoring and awake from your dream. The sound of air leaking from your Tac 8 pistol, held in your limp hand, has disturbed your favorite "Special Ops" dream. Damn. Not only did you miss out on the best part of your dream, but your Tac 8 is leaking. Forget about silent death, that is, unless you have the Tac 8 O-Ring kit.

Any real Special Ops soldier would have it out of his left breast pocket in the time it takes to say "Roger, Zero Niner, target aquired." Slap a new o-ring in your pistol and you can do some hunting of your own..


  • Fits both the Tac 8 Pistol and T9 Rifles
  • Includes all common o-rings for basic maintenance and troubleshooting

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