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Tiberius Arms Extended Barrel

Tiberius Arms Extended Barrel

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Natalya picks up your friend's Tiberius Tac 8 pistol and snorted in derision. "It's so small," she sneers with a insolent toss of her head. Her golden brown hair cascades over her slim shoulders as she walks towards the door.

The sound of confident bootsteps slows her down and she tosses her hair again as she turns around. A strapping young man walks in, unholsters his Tiberius Tac 8 pistol, and without a word, sets it down on the table. The extended barrel just screams more range and greater accuracy, and Natalya's perfect little mouth drops open in awe. Hands trembling, she reaches for this wonderful piece of machinery, picks it up and gazes at the beauty of it's contours.

This could be you... or you could be the hapless friend. Let's review the scenario. You made an excellent decision arming yourself with the Tiberius Tac 8 pistol, but you can't just stop there. For starters, you need to get out on the field and experience the joy of painting your opponent's mask with a single shot, then spinning the pistol twice before smoothly holstering (Hustle Paintball advises practicing this maneuver before attempting in public). The second step is to increase your accuracy with the extended barrel. Did we mention that this lowers the muzzle report from your gun? Yeah, it does.

That being said, there's no good reason why you shouldn't be ordering this piece immediately and anxiously counting the days until it arrives. That is, unless Natalya is already clinging to your arm as you casually pick targets off at the far end of the field with your Tiberius Tac 8... but we didn't think so.

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