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Tiberius Arms Hard Side Pistol Case

Tiberius Arms Hard Side Pistol Case

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Something about the hitman just chills the blood in your veins... could it be his cool gaze and total disregard for human life? No, that's not quite it, it's something else... You stare as he casually pockets his black gloves and reaches down for his hard-sided case. That's it!

The hard-sided pistol case is all the rage this year, and is sure to elicit stares wherever you go (Hustle Paintball does not recommend carrying in the vicinity of Federal property or an airport). After you tire of carrying just the case around, feel free to put your Tiberius Tac 8 pistol inside. The padded compartment is specially made for your gun, and the extra weight is sure to boost your confidence as you strut towards the staging area.

Don't forget, you need to have the kills to back up the swagger, so toss the case down, throw it open (it's tough, it can take the abuse) and pull the Tiberius Tac 8 pistol from the padded interior. Don your mask (one-handed, it looks better) as you casually slide the pistol into your holster and be sure to catch the eye of the girl near the netting. Nod casually as you enter the field, maybe even give her the "head-toss," letting her know that, babe, this one's for you.

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