(14560301) Tiberius Arms Player Parts Kit (Field Kit)

Tiberius Arms Player Parts Kit (Field Kit)

Price: $24.99

SKU: 14560301

Ok, this time you're pissed. Last time, you were sure it was your little cousin Jimmy, and before that, it was the annoying little neighbor kid. But since then, you kept your Tiberius Tac 8 Pistol under lock and key (not to mention video surveillance), and nobody has been near it! But there it goes, happily hissing away your good times until the CO2 expires.

Whatever the issue is, you know you've got to fix it, and you start rummaging around in the underbrush nearby, hoping to find something, anything that will help you out. After discarding the idea of coating your Tac 8 pistol in pine sap, your shoulders sag as you turn and shuffle towards the staging area. Dejected, you walk towards your chair and equipment bag.


What's that? The hissing stopped! Jubilantly, you look around wildly to see the source of this wonderful occurrence and you spy a man reloading his Tiberius Tac 8 Pistol and putting IT away. You lean forward and barely catch a glimpse of the words "Tiberius Arms Players Parts Kit" as the man stashes it out of view. Mind racing now, you speed home and log onto HustlePaintball.com (where you should have been in the first place), and come here.

Nervously laughing as you read the story of your life, you add this to your cart (along with the other Tiberius Tac 8 accessories you missed the first time around) and fall back on your bed, dreaming of the day soon to come, filled with leak-free performance and smooth pistol action. Ahhhh yes....

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