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Tiberius Arms Quick-Change Puncture Kit

Tiberius Arms Quick-Change Puncture Kit

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Too bad Iron Man wasn't around, or else it would have been no problem. As it was, you fumbled for your tools to change the CO2 cartridge in your Tiberius Tac 8 Pistol's clip and you just couldn't get it fast enough. Don't worry about it, wipe the paint of your neck and grab some Neosporin on the way to the computer. Be sure to clean your painful neck welt before gingerly dabbing away with the cool ointment.

Settle into your chair and if you're smart, you'll soon find yourself here.

This handy little piece replaces the stock allen screw with a 2-part screw that allows you to accomplish everything, without the nuisance of tools. No rocket science is required to install this piece, but the beauty lies in how it works.

Normally, you'd need to loosen the screw that holds your CO2 cartridge in place, pull the cartridge out of your Tiberius Tac 8 clip, insert a new cartridge and get your crank on. You'd have to crank on the screw, achieving a vice-like motion which would simultaneously puncture the CO2 cartridge and seal it to prevent it from leaking. You'd stow away your tool (or just drop it, if you were a true baller) and be ready to rock.

The new screw has a small rod inside of it that is held in place by a magnet when you're not busy changing cartridges. The new and improved process involves sliding out the small rod, angling it sideways, and using it as leverage to unscrew the vice bolt. Pop your CO2 cartridge out, slap a new one in, use the rod again as leverage to puncture and seal the cartridge, then simply slide the small rod back up inside the screw, locking it in place with the magnet, and you're good to go. Same amount of steps, just much easier.

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