(32560201) Tiberius Arms Remote Air Adapter

Tiberius Arms Remote Air Adapter

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The Remote Air adapter transforms your Tiberius Tac 8 Pistol into an air-guzzling, mean machine. Mounting at the base of the grip frame, you can connect a remote line or compressed air tank directly and play all day. Sure, it may not be as cool, may not look like the real thing, but we think you'll feel better after you shoot up 20 or 30 people, all without changing your air source.

As with all of Tiberius Arms' fine products, this is built to last, and built to perform. If you have any problems with this on your Tiberius Tac 8 Pistol (or any of the Tiberius products, such as the Tiberius T9 line), they'll be happy to take care of you and see that you're ridin' dirty in no time.

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    • 2012-04-30
    I use this in one of my mags for HPA for regular paintballs. I will be using the air through the back with a regular high pressure tank just to save $120 for a new stock due to the plastic one not doing too much anyways. To install you need to use an allen key or something to push the silver pin out of the rubber black piece on the bottom of the mag and split the mag so you can take the quick puncture out and take the nut and put it on the adaptor it's self explanitory.

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