(20560301) Tiberius Arms Undermount Tactical Rail

Tiberius Arms Undermount Tactical Rail

Price: $29.99

SKU: 20560301

Tiberius Arms Undermount Tactical Rail

The Tac 8 and T9 are kings of paintball pistols. You just need a few more accessories to get that edge over the competition, or you just want your target to see the flash of a red dot on their chest before they take the game winning hit. This tactical rail does it! Designed to accept any standard weaver rail or picantinny rail accessory, this little mod opens up a world of new accessories for your already intimidating Tac 8 or T9.


  • Mounts directly under the barrel of Tac 8 or T9 (in pistol form)
  • Allows attachment of almost any standard tac rail accessories including laser, flashlight, foregrip, and more
  • Solid all metal construction
  • Anodized Black Hard-coat Durable Finish
  • Standard Picatinny Rail 20mm

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