(10461601) Tippmann 98 Custom Pro ACT Platinum Series - Black - THIS ITEM IS DISCONTINUED AND NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Tippmann 98 Custom Pro ACT Platinum Series - Black - THIS ITEM IS DISCONTINUED AND NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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This item is out of stock and will never be back in stock. If you purchase this item we will remove it from your order and refund you the purchase price. The page is here for reference only.

The Tippmann 98 Custom Pro paintball gun is our entry level, fully customizable marker. The main feature is the ease of customizing the marker. The Tippmann 98 Custom Pro has more available aftermarket upgrades than almost any other gun in paintball. Always staying ahead of the game, Tippmann Sports released the Tippmann 98 Custom Pro ACT (Anti-Chop Technology) paintball gun. When we say "almost any other gun," we mean that there is a three-way tie for first. Tippmann 98, Spyder, and Autococker.

The Tippmann 98 Custom Pro paintball marker with ACT Technology is all about catering to your game with a fully-customizable design. It offers you a semi-automatic action and is crafted with an aluminum die-cast receiver and an extra-sturdy finish. It utilizes Anti-Chop Technology (A.C.T.) to maintain shot velocity and eliminate blowback for consistent performance. It's fully compatible with CO2, compressed air or nitrogen.

The Tippmann 98 Custom Pro paintball gun combines all the great features of the original Tippmann Model 98 with the ability to accept the Flatline Barrel System, the Response Trigger (RT) System, the E-Bolt Electric System and the Comp-Air Low Pressure System. All of these Tippmann Systems can be installed with same tools that you use to disassemble the marker. It doesn't get any better than that!

  • Tippmann 98 Custom Pro Paintball Gun
  • Rate of Fire: As fast as you can pull the trigger! The internals of the Tippmann 98 Custom Pro ACT paintball gun are so well made that they can cycle over 30 times per second! That means that you're in no danger of ever out shooting your paintball gun.
  • 11" Quick-Thread Paintball Barrel - A couple twists and this barrel is off. Don't waste valuable time if you need to clean your barrel.
  • Standard Gravity Hopper - No batteries to worry about, simply load and go!
  • Drop-forward for extra comfort and a tighter profile.
  • Allen Wrenches - No complicated tools needed
  • Gun Lubricant - A well-lubed gun will not leak and will perform well
  • Cleaning Cable
  • Extra Tank O-Ring
  • Operator's Manual
Full one year manufacturer's warranty on missing or defective parts.

COLOR GUY SAYS: So, you want black huh? Gonna tear up the night with your Tippmann 98 Custom Pro ACT Black? Wellàkeep in mind that the black gun may look the coolest, but it's still the skill of the player that makes all the difference. Your black gun may go with everything, but it just makes it sting all the more when the little punk with the flame orange gun wings you right when you're feeling all proud of yourself.

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