Tippmann Barrel Cover - Wide Mouth

Price: $4.95

SKU: 25460102

The Tippmann Barrel Cover is designed for ultimate protection off the paintball field and between games. It is made to form fit your paintball barrel for a sleek look while providing the maximum protection for those extra light triggers that just happen to go off when they are not supposed to. The Tippmann Barrel Cover is made out of durable Ballistic Nylon for a long, rough life. That's tougher than military grade BDUs!


  • Soft nylon cover
  • Soft rubber section on the tip - Extra protection to ensure that an errant paintball doesn't blow through your barrel sock
  • Heavy-duty polypropylene webbing strip mounted on the inside - Even more protection against kamikaze paintballs
  • Adjustable elastic cord included - Secure this around the back of your paintball gun

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