(15461004) Tippmann Cocking Handle Spring - A5/X7 (#02-14)

Tippmann Cocking Handle Spring - A5/X7 (#02-14)

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SKU: 15461004

The Tippmann Cocking Handle Spring for use with the Tippmann A5 and X7. *NOTE: The cocking handle spring (02-14) and rear bolt drive spring (CA-14) look quite similar. The rear bolt drive spring is 4 & 3/8" long. The cocking handle spring is slightly longer and flimsier.

This product is used in the following guns: A5 Basic, A5 Response, A5 E-Grip Electronic, A5 Stealth, X7 Basic, X7 Response, X7 E-Grip Electronic.

The Tippmann Part Number for this product is 02-14.

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