(32460401) Tippmann Connex Coiled Remote with Quick-Disconnect

Tippmann Connex Coiled Remote with Quick-Disconnect

Price: $39.95

SKU: 32460401

This heavy duty Tippmann remote is a step up from any other remote. It's rated at 3000psi, which is more than triple what any tank will ever put into your remote coil, and instead of the standard "quick-disconnect" that has to be de-gassed before you can use it, the Tippmann Connex Air-Release System will release the pressure in your gun, and hold the pressure in your remote line. Once you're ready to begin using your gun again, just click the Connex system back together and air will continue flowing. Yet another great product from Tippmann Sports, backed by their full warranty and quality!


  • 3000psi working pressure (3x more than you'll need)
  • Disconnects under pressure without any leaking!

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