(14461001) Tippmann Deluxe Parts Kit - X7

Tippmann Deluxe Parts Kit - X7

Price: $49.95

SKU: 14461001
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Look, we still don't know how you did it, and we're imploring you not to do it again. You singlehandedly destroyed your indomitable Tippmann X7's internals and you're stuck now. More than anything else, it's gotta just piss you off - we know how you feel, your fairly new X7 is down for the count...

Hmm? What's that? Yeah, buying a rebuild kit is much cheaper than a brand new gun. Yup, sure is. Oh, and we've got them in stock. Simply rebuild your gun back up with the basic internals, parts, o-rings and seals. More complete than your standard parts kit, this is for the unfortunate soul who has completely fried his paintball gun.

Now, if that unfortunate soul happens to be you, just turn that frown upside down, throw this in your cart and get your gun up and running again in just a matter of days. Matter of fact, you'll probably have a few o-rings and seals left over when the rebuild is done, so we won't even have to hound you for your lack of foresight.

Learn from your mistakes and move on!

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