(15461117) Tippmann Rear Bolt Plug - Fits Most Guns (#TA05005)

Tippmann Rear Bolt Plug - Fits Most Guns (#TA05005)

List Price: $9.00 Price: $6.99

SKU: 15461117

The Tippmann Rear Bolt Plug. Fits most Tippmann markers. Spare parts are always a good idea.

This product is used in the following guns: 98 Custom Non-ACT, 98 Custom Pro Response ACT, Alpha Black Basic, Alpha Black Tactical, Alpha Black E-Grip Electronic, Alpha Black Tactical E-Grip Electronic, Bravo One Basic, Model 98, Triumph eXT, Triumph XT, Triumph XL, Gryphon, Carver One, Project Salvo.

The Tippmann Part Number for this product is TA05005.

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