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Tippmann Response Trigger (RT) Kit - Tippmann A5

Tippmann Response Trigger (RT) Kit - Tippmann A5

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You've faced some pretty intimidating opponents, while slogging through the deep swamps and thick forests... You emerge from neck deep murk to crouch on a marshy rise. The sound of water dripping off your Tippmann paintball gun is the only sound heard as you peer around, hoping not to spy the inevitable enemy regiment.

Your worst fears are realized as an entire legion of competitors opens fire directly at you. Paintballs strike all around you with wanton abandon, and as you fall backwards into the marsh (you and your friends take paintball hits pretty seriously), you see that at least 100 paintballs were unleashed on and around you in the space of just a few seconds... There must have been at least 15 of them, I didn't stand a chance, you dispassionately think as you slip into the dark fog of elimination.

Lying perfectly still in your mock-death state of "out," you wait for the horde of enemies to creep past you. Instead, a single set of splashing footsteps approaches you and the owner laughs a little bit as he walks right past you.

What the...?

Ignoring your closely held "play dead" protocols, you bolt upright and look around wildly for the rest of his cronies. He spies your confused look and simply points to his reactive trigger kit on the exact same gun that you have. But how is that possible, you wonder, it sounded like dozens of opponents were opening fire at the same time?!

The reactive trigger kit uses gas from each cycle to push the trigger back forward against your finger. While it's just about impossible to explain, you can attain a sweetspot in seconds (you'll understand as soon as you pick up the gun), supercharging your Tippmann's rate of fire to 15 balls per second or more! A simple, well-detailed installation is all that's necessary, no batteries needed, and you're good to go.

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