(37460104) Tippmann Special Forces Jersey - Large

Tippmann Special Forces Jersey - Large

Price: $49.95

SKU: 37460104

This new Special Forces Jersey from tippmann is about as comfortable as it gets. With padding everywhere it is needed, this jersey will provide comfort like never before. Hide in the shadows with the new digi camo design.


  • Tactical padded neck line to protect against neck shots
  • Reinforced padded elbow and forearm for rolling, diving and shooting from a prone position
  • Shoulder padding for increased comfort with tactical vests
  • Internal mesh cinch pocket allows you to carry additional pods or quickly store empty pods
  • Adjustable wrist straps with microfiber wrist band with thumbhole
  • Velcro patches on each shoulder to display patches
  • Breathable lightweight football mesh sides and arms

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