(20460802) Tippmann X7 Carry Handle - G36/X36 Carry Handle

Tippmann X7 Carry Handle - G36/X36 Carry Handle

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The Tippmann X7 is completely customizable with over 1,000 different configurations!

The X36 Carry Handle is an excellent addition to your paintball gun. The Heckler & Koch G36 is a futuristic, redesigned assault rifle designed at the request of Bundeswehr. It's the current service rifle for both the German Armed Forces and the Spanish Military. While not as well-known as the AK-47 or MP5, it is still very, very cool looking gun, perfect to mock your Tippmann X7 after. Too bad we don't sell them, but we can do the next best thing!

Now you can have the looks & functionality of the G36 (or at least the Carry Handle) for your paintball gun!


  • Great looks and functionality
  • Sight peep hole and weaver rail mount
  • Rail cutout accommodates hopper
  • Length at base: 12 inches

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    • 2012-10-06
    Just solved the mystery of how to steady the shroud on a project salvo when you remove the stock barrel and putting on a different barrel. after using rail covers and other rail mounts, the g36 carry handle worked out the best oh, and it also make the gun look good.

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