(20460606) Tippmann X7 Foregrip - UMP Foregrip

Tippmann X7 Foregrip - UMP Foregrip

Price: $34.99

SKU: 20460606

The Tippmann X7 is completely customizable with over 1,000 different configurations!

The X36 Foregrip is an excellent addition to your paintball gun. The UMP Style Shroud has mil-sim looks and durability. The free-loading design does not require set screws or compression rings that can damage your barrel. Contains a pre-molded Picatinny bottom rail and built in front sight. The X-36 folding stock completes the UMP look. (Sold separately)

Now you can have the looks & functionality of the UMP (or at least the Foregrip) for your paintball gun!


  • Accommodates up to six rail mounts
  • Contains pre-molded rail slots
  • Free floating design (attaches firmly without set screws)
  • Minimum barrel length of 14 inches is recommended

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