(20461001) Tippmann X7 Magazine Well - 9mm Style Magazines

Tippmann X7 Magazine Well - 9mm Style Magazines

Price: $19.99

SKU: 20461001
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The Tippmann X7 is completely customizable with over 1,000 different configurations!

The XP5 Magazines are very recognizeable addition to your paintball gun. The Heckler & Koch MP5 and MP5k are both some of the highest profile submachine guns. Used often for personal defense, dignitary protection, and well glamorized in Hollywood, they are an ideal gun to mock your Tippmann X7 after. Without a doubt, you know that people are going to like how it looks!

However, getting a real MP5 proves to be slightly more difficult than simply consulting the Yellow Pages, but at least now, you can have it (or at least the Magazine) for your paintball gun!


  • Allows you to use the XP5 Straight or XP5 Curved magazines on your X7 marker

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