(20461305) Tippmann X7 Mod Kit - AK-47

Tippmann X7 Mod Kit - AK-47

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This package comes complete (and discounted) in the full AK-47 upgrade setup.

The AK-47 look is a very daunting addition to your paintball gun. The Avtomat Kalashnikova model 1947 is the most popular assault rifle in existence. More AK rifles have been produced than any other assault rifle, it's features on flags and coins and exists in every single conflict in the world.

Now you've got it (or at least the front sight) in your hands!

Front Sight Features:

  • 1 inch bottom rail mount
  • Fits all standard Tippmann barrels
  • Extends 2 inches above barrel
  • Built to withstand rugged woodsball play

Magazine Features:

  • Made from high impact composite, the AK-47 mag is strong enough to be used as a grip
  • Push button release
  • Fits stock X7 Mag well
Foregrip Features:
  • Genuine mil-sim looks and durability
  • Free floating design does not require set screws or compression rings that can damage your barrel
  • Contains pre-molded rail slots
  • Attaches easily and securely
Hustle Paintball Note - Because of the length of the AK-47 foregrip, a minimum barrel length of 14 inches is recommended.

Stock Features:
  • Integrated high pressure air line seals directly to the marker's air system, allowing easy "plug and play" operation
  • Ergonomic design and premium construction
  • Carved out groove enhances the shooter's sight line
  • Ideally angled quick-disconnect air

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