(20461306) Tippmann X7 Mod Kit - XP5SD

Tippmann X7 Mod Kit - XP5SD

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SKU: 20461306
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This package comes complete (and discounted) in the full XP5 SD upgrade setup.

The XP5 Straight Magazine is a very recognizable addition to your paintball gun. The Heckler & Koch MP5 and MP5k are both some of the highest profile submachine guns. Used often for personal defense, dignitary protection, and well glamorized in Hollywood, they are an ideal gun to mock your Tippmann X7 after. Without a doubt, you know that people are going to like how it looks!

However, getting a real MP5 proves to be slightly more difficult than simply consulting the Yellow Pages, but at least now, you can have it (or at least the Straight Magazine) for your paintball gun!

Magazine Features:

  • Made from high impact composite, the XP5 mag is strong enough to be used as a grip
  • Push button release

Foregrip Features:

  • Versatile, two piece construction allows you to run with two distinctive mil sim looks
  • Shroud can easily be "unlocked" and removed (or reattached) if desired
  • Includes foregrip end cap
Stock Features:
  • Integrated high pressure air line seals directly to the marker's air system, allowing easy "plug and play" operation
  • Ergonomic design and premium construction
  • Carved out groove enhances the shooter's sight line
  • Ideally angled quick-disconnect air

Mag Well Features:

  • Allows you to use the XP5 Straight or XP5 Curved magazines on your X7 marker

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